Crown lengthening is a common surgical procedure in which Dr. Patla removes a small amount of gum tissue, bone or both in order to better expose more of a tooth.



Reshaping the gum and supporting tissues allows the room for Dr. Patla to place the final restoration.




Final restorations may be placed if the front teeth are too short or of an uneven length as well.


Soft Tissue Graft

When the gums recede, your body loses a natural defense against bacterial invasion and trauma. If this recession becomes a big enough problem, Dr. Patla may wish to utilize soft-tissue grafting as a form of treatment. If there is only a minor recession, enough healthy gum tissue remains to protect the tooth, so that no other treatments or rehabilitative practice is necessary.
Before & After a Soft Tissue Graft* 
Substantial gum recession can result in sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks, as well as an unsightly appearance to the gums and teeth. Gum recession, when significant enough, can expose the root of the tooth, which is softer than enamel, leading to damaging cavities (caries) at the root.
Soft tissue (gum) grafting is designed to solve these problems. A thin piece of healthy tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth, or from an adjacent area, to provide a stable band of gum tissue around the tooth. This procedure is highly predictable and successful, often resulting in a new healthy band of tissue insulating, attaching to, and protecting the tooth.

Ridge Modification

Cosmetic ridge modification is performed to treat deformities in the upper and lower jaws. These deformities can come as a result of gum disease, injury, trauma, denture wear, or other developmental problems. This can result in an insufficient bone structure for the placement of dental implants, as well as unattractive indentations forming in the jaw line adjacent to any missing teeth. During the modification procedure, Dr. Patla will lift the gum away from the ridge to expose the bone defect. She can then fill this area with a bone grafting material, which can help regenerate bone or a bone substitute. Several months of healing will be required after the procedure is completed.
Depending on the type of implant and your individual case, the dental implant may be placed at the same time of the modification or when healing is complete. It depends very much on the precise condition of the bone in question. Overall, ridge modification enhances aesthetics, functionality, and improves the chance of success of dental implants for years to come.



As we age and expose our teeth to different dietary items, our enamel can wear down. This wearing can allow dentin, a yellow substance at the core of our teeth, to shine through. This, as well as exposure to staining foods and drinks, can give our teeth a yellowish or dark tint. Teeth whitening from our Holmdel office can help restore the vibrancy and white color of your smile through the use of professional strength medical bleach. Ask Dr. Patla at your next appointment about what teeth whitening can do for your smile!










Gingival Graft Before

Gingival Graft After

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