Oral Surgeon near Holmdel NJ explains Why Blood Pressure is taken before Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is done by dentists who perform oral surgeries. Compared to removing of impacted tooth, tooth extraction is a pretty simple procedure. However, tooth extraction results to surgical wounds that have to be healed. Like other dental surgical procedures, tooth extraction necessitates attentive medical evaluation of the patient.


Why blood pressure is checked before tooth extraction


High blood pressure is an asymptomatic disease that usually remains undetected until your blood pressure is checked. Dentists understand that most of the patients visit them twice a year for dental checkups. Patients don’t usually visit their family doctor for many years unless they get sick. Dentists are more likely to check their patient’s health markers such as heart function, blood glucose level, and blood pressure.


If you have hypertension, you must treat or control it first before getting a tooth extraction. Tooth extraction normally results to a lot of bleeding within your gums and bone. Performing tooth extraction on patients with hypertension can be very detrimental. If your blood pressure is too high, your dentist won’t perform this procedure until you get medical care from your physician.


Additionally, your oral cavity contains microorganisms, and surgical procedures like tooth extraction may increase your chances of getting postoperative infection.


Your safety is important


Undergoing a dental procedure with very high blood pressure could result in threatening situations like kidney failure, heart attack, or stroke. Therefore, dentists are now taking their patient’s blood pressure before doing dental procedures. If your dentist sees that your blood pressure is high, he/she will recommend that you seek additional medical care from your physician.


Even if you’re already taking a prescribed hypertension medication, your dentist will still monitor your blood pressure before, during, or after a dental procedure.  Managing hypertension is critical for your dental and general health. Dentists are very careful to avoid potential problems due to your health condition.

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